Announcement: Mind Power Techniques

Do mind power techniques work?

Do you ever feel there are secret mind power techniques which could change your life and make your dreams a reality if only you knew how to use them?

I used to feel the same way but what I found was rather than being secret there were too many of them making almost unbelievable claims. So I decided to check out which ones worked and which didn’t, trying to sort out the scientific proof from the mumbo-jumbo.

Basically they all work the same way – use the power of the deeper subconscious mind by bypassing the superficial conscious mind – but which worked best?

Here’s how I rated the most popular ones (some sounded too weird and scary to even try!) for fast, lasting results and ease of use. Bonus points were awarded for the fun factor… who wants to be successful and miserable?

In alphabetical order, the nominations are…

Auto-suggestion (aka self hypnosis) : I found it slow, hard and boring but the changes were permanent. Isn’t talking to yourself the first sign of madness?

Brainwave Entrainment : Fast, easy and fun and the changes haven’t worn off. It just sounds and feels right.

Creative Visualization : Fast, easy, fun and so far the changes are sticking. Can you really design your ideal life?

Law of Attraction (aka The Secret) : Slow but easy, fun and long term. More of a reason why mind power techniques work than a how to do it.

Meditation : Slow, hard, permanent and boring. Are monks really happy?

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) : Fast, easy, long lasting and fun. Great for a change in behaviour such as boosting self-confidence.

Positive Affirmations : Slow, hard and boring but the changes were permanent. Same as auto-suggestion but out loud!

Subliminal Messages : Slow, easy and permanent. Hard to rate the fun factor as your conscious mind isn’t meant to notice anything!

So which of these mind power techniques do I still use on a daily basis after having tried and tested them all?

And the winner is (drumroll please)… Click here to find out my favourite mind power techniques

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